Monday, 9 February 2009

was it good for you?

Monday, 9 February 2009

it certainly was not for me. having your laptop stolen is neither fun nor good. im sure there are one or two people out there that would say 'yes it was amazing for me'. and to those people i say 'you are shit'.

amongst the millions of people worldwide that dont care about my laptop getting stolen are xinobi and moulinex. although they may be nice people, i think that they would be way too distracted by their burgeoning success. they are defs two of the only blog stars that i get excited about. to see this new slice of moulinex and xinobi magic in my inbox when i got kates puter was very nice indeed.

to be fair, this slice was actually a remix done by esto which won a competition put on by moulinex and xinobi's label discotexas. i can totally see why as well- turning moulinex and xinobi's brooding and hard hitting electro sounds into an upbeat, joyful electro disco number was no mean feat.

Moulinex & Xinobi - Discotexas Theme (Esto! Remix)

hooray for esto!
hooray for anoraak- cant wait to see you in two weeks.. they also have put their glittering touch to this duo- totally glamifying what was already quite glam for an electro track.. i swear they are all geniuses. the throbbingly ascending arpeggio is breathtaking. (haha)

Xinobi - Day Off (Anoraak Remix)

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