Monday, 30 March 2009


Monday, 30 March 2009

we were driving along crown st or something the other day and saw numerous pairs of shoes hanging from the powerlines. how the fuck do people do that? never mind the social connotations that shoes-on-powerlines have.. how do they get up there in the first place? seriously. do people stand there in the dead of the night taking pot shots? i think they must. absolutely mind-boggling. what happens if they get caught?

attempting to unravel mysteries like this needs some kind of soundtrack. i nominate these tracks as rad think-alongs. would be especially good if the think-along was held on a saturday night in a nightclub on the d-floor.

Todd Terje - Eurodans

Simian Mobile Disco - 10000 Horses Can't Be Wrong

so many mysteries.. how did the trolleys end up in the trees near new res in canberra? how did andy uprock become so 'talented'?

word on the street is that guy gerber is coming to australia soon to play a live set at we love sounds and to help people solve stuff.

Guy Gerber - Timing

i think he might be playing during armin van buuren's 5 hour set. if you can somehow draaaggg yourself away from the the 'armin only' arena then go and consult with guy gerber.

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