Friday, 13 March 2009

walking on a moon

Friday, 13 March 2009

i remember my early vinyl collecting days fairly fondly.. getting all warm and buzzy over a single song that cost me $20 is something that i miss so much. why oh why am i so fucking poor? if i had more money maybe i could attain this level of happiness once again. but seriously- this internet thing has really spoiled my special/secret music buzz. but that is another story for another day.

the story for today is going to be about moonbootica. if i remember correctly, one of my first vinyl purchases was 'pretty little angel' by moonbootica.. back then they had a radly sexual electrotech (yet unashamedly euro) style that i enjoyed.
although i thoroughly liked the buildy club mix of pretty little angel that was featured on that release, this track was the one that stuck with me.. the contrast between the full steam ahead bass and flickery stop/start keys always seemed pretty cool.

Moonbootica - June

since then however, their style has really aligned itself with the grimy electro that you kids seem to be listening to. kinda clubby and hard but with definite groove and intelligence lurking beneath all the sweat and energy.
this is (i believe) the most recent remix that the boys have completed.. love the 'getting drenched in the rain at a music festival' vibe that it has.. the justice pianos could really add epicness to any song hey.

Disco Trash Music - Neon Disco (Moonbootica Remix)

this is a track off their last album 'moonlight welfare' which was pretty cool. i love the simple formula behind this song that somehow ends up encompassing everything. while this song may not be the most bangingest club track ever, i think the intensity behind it would make it a sure-fire hit in some cramped sweat box.

Moonbootica - Joan Landor

and for all you friday bangerz fans out there- here is the hey today! remix of their song 'der mond'. you could call this a more traditional club banger. flowing distortion sounds so nice on a friday.

Moonbootica - Der Mond (Hey Today! Remix)

in a final piece of vinyl reminiscery, here is a track by black strobe. seriously one of the first pieces of music that i felt like i had to show off at every mix off i went to. bangin and barnstormin.

Black Strobe - Italian Fireflies

take that soulwax/justice- you werent the first to do the mid-song cut out. seeing other djs scrambling to put the next song on and then seeing the look of relief/ confusion on their faces when it started up again kept me going through those tough years.

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LeMass said...

I FUCKING LOVE Joan Landor, and moonbootica are the shit. PS your blog rocks and fuck yea I wish I had a skyline