Thursday 7 May 2009

giddyup horsie

Thursday 7 May 2009

WOAH the flood gates of cream are upon me this week. This is some incredibly well-crafted, creamy electro-disco from a relatively new Sydney duo So I'm Jo who are starting to pick up some gigs around the place. I'm finding this fact hard to believe because they roll as smoothly as Spirit Catcher in my eyes and their jazzy synths and twitchy basslines get dance predators gyrating under the mirror ball faster than Passion Pit.

"Ideas, machines, instruments & error are the foundations of an evolving So I’m Jo sound," they say. "We listen to lots of stuff from M83 to Metro Area, Matthew Dear, Jamie Lloyd, Hot Chip."

I've pretty much posted every track of theirs because I'm over-excited and I have little else to do in my life other than things like this and completing the Gangster Rap Colouring-In Book. Wow.

So I'm Jo - Waiting For Time

So I'm Jo - Kids in Space

So I'm Jo - Everything's Ahead

So I'm Jo - Time Machine

So I'm Jo - √Člasticit√©

The play live tomorrow (Friday) at Sosueme, Q Bar, Oxford St.


Anonymous said...

wow i didnt think that spiritcatcherish sound could get better.. this is amazing

cant believe that they are a new duo either- most of the new demo stuff i hear is rubbish and crappy quality. kudos to so im jo

haizee said...

every track is absolutely gorgeous. thx so much for this