Tuesday, 30 June 2009

crying woolf

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

woolfy are one of those bands that i cant believe ive never heard about. they have had tracks championed by tim sweeney and james murphy, been remixed by the likes of in flagranti and have just had their latest release put out jointly by dfa and rong..
this last release officially came out last week and is called 'if you know whats good for ya!!'. i for one am over the moon that i somehow managed to find it.

tripping between upbeat and charming adolescent-like dance-punk and ethereal space-funk, 'if you know whats good for ya!!' is defs one of the classiest releases i have heard in recent memory.

Woolfy - Loa The Disco

Woolfy - Two Far Gone (Carlos Hernandez Remix)

if you like what you hear (i hope you do) wobble along to beatport and grab yourself the album.. and while youre there, treat yourself to some of the older woolfy vs projections work.. very nice.

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