Thursday, 25 June 2009

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

i wish i knew more about chew lips. im not the biggest fan of their band name, but i am certainly a fan of their sassy dance-pop sensibilities and the singer (tigs') strong, feist-like voice..

also, being a part of kitsune has ensured the existence of many stellar chew lips remixes.. i seriously hope that you managed to catch the off kilter remix that tepr did of 'solo' a couple of months back.
dont feel too bad if you didnt though, cos a new bunch of remixes of their latest single 'salt air' have just surfaced.

this mix by kitsune stablemates two door cinema club is very different to what i would of expected and totally bangin.. (no wonder really, as they are from bangor, ireland)
please dont be fooled by the seemingly plain exterior - the soaring vocals, heavy drums and coiling melody make this track a bit of a surefire d-floor filler

Chew Lips - Salt Air (Two Door Cinema Club DUI Remix)

also on the kitsune release is this number by jupiter which is as sunny and charismatic as a song could possibly be.. it initially feels like a bit of a bedroom number, but when the chorus comes around and the funk gets out of first gear, its kind of hard to stop your head from nodding (not in the sleepy way).

Chew Lips - Salt Air (Jupiter Remix)

go and have a listen to the tracks on both of their myspaces (chew lips here and jupiter here) as there are rad tracks on both. particularly check out the snippet of 'toros' on chew lips' space and 'chips' and the 'nightdrive with you' remix on jupiter's.

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