Sunday 14 June 2009

ze vemixes

Sunday 14 June 2009

I couldn't help myself, so i kissed him. I had to express my pure adulation to Van She's vocalist Nick Routledge with the recent release of their remix album Ze Vemixes. It was foolish of me, and i could've blamed the wine, but we were both satisfied with my plush man lips pressed into his soft, boy-like cheek last Friday.

His petite girlfriend, sitting beside us in a booth at The Falconer, was equally as ruttish. I caught a hungry twinkle in her eye just as the camera snapped. The low lights burned softly as the air temperature rose around us several degrees. On-lookers began whispering.

Van She - Cat and the Eye (Van She Tech Remix)

To share in the euphoria you can pick up a copy of Ze Vemixes here, or get tickets to Van She's show at the Metro on June 26, with support sets from Bag Raiders and Ted & Francis.

Mwa x.


Anonymous said...

those are some rad supports

Acid Midget said...

Hell yeah. The supports are reason enough to go. T&F are really making headway at the moment.

COULSON said...

bag raiders and ted and francis? nice.

cute pic by the way haha

Acid Midget said...

Stop it I'm blushing.