Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

This Momentary (single)
Modular Recordings
Release: August 28

Delphic: (adj.) Obscurely prophetic; “Delphic pronouncements”, "an oracular message”.

Anyone with half an idea about Manchester knows it’s the birthplace of the most important movement to influence the present-day banger.

Without Tony Wilson, his label Factory Records, a band called New Order and the Hacienda nightclub the idea that hundreds of young, burning bodies needed a particular kind of music to go with their ecstasy-induced dancing and the club’s flashing light scheme wouldn’t have surfaced.

With the popularisation of rave and acid house during the club's years of operation, from the early 80s to the late 90s, Manchester became synonymous for pushing the disc-jockey into a performance space usually reserved for bands swooning about with guitars and grabbing their groins. The DJ had become the main act.

But with today’s current infestation of DJs in every major city of the developed world, it’s imperative that standout producers - like Manchester’s Delphic - are allowed to have their halo of talent shine brightly.

The trio (Rick Boardman, Matt Cocksedge and James Cook) recently signed to Modular, which means mama’s cooking up something good. That caramel scent floating from the kitchen is Delphic’s new single ‘This Momentary’, taken from the upcoming Delphic EP.

It blends new wave, post-punk and indie-rock then kneads it together with a cup of flour, two lightly beaten eggs and a dash of AWESOME.

The end result is a euphoric mixture of shallow synths, soft guitars, Klaxon-esque vocals and a simply incredible percussion section near the end.

Delphic - This Momentary

Also included in the release was this remix by Golden Bug, who have seemingly been through a rough break up or family death recently, judging by the broodingly ominous nature of this track.

Delphic - This Momentary (Golden Bug Remix)

Delphic’s debut album is scheduled for release early next year. It’s being produced by Berlin’s Ewan Pearson (The Rapture, Goldfrapp, M83), so keep your ear to the door and we’ll have more info as it comes.


Anonymous said...

The vocal harmonies throughout the track are stunning.

Acid Midget said...

YES, it's very refreshing. Keep an eye on these guys.