Monday, 20 July 2009

Embryo and Nick

Monday, 20 July 2009

Embryonik and i became twends when we crossed paths on Twitter. It happened when i found one of his tweets on a track i posted here.

We got to chatting. He's a nice guy, with a wife, three children and a cottage beside the French Riviera that fills with sunlight at 3.47pm every day in summer. Well, actually, i'm bullshitting you. Embryonik's name is George and he hails from Greece. That probably means he loves his mother, is a very good dancer and has a fantastic butt.

I'll let you be the judge of that. All i'll judge is this little banger he sent me. Fucking great greco-electro.

Embryonik - Hollywood

It's full of blips, jitters and samples of a voice repeating "Hollywood" so much that you'll never forget that particular part of the world is where the most charismatic, well-bred and slutty people go for fame and to snort blow in ice cap proportions.

To give an example, i recently interviewed a Sydney actress that was wrapping up her local acting jobs to head over to LA. As i scribbled on my notepad and looked up at her sparkling eyes, which looked like blue glasses of soda in the sun, i couldn't help thinking that she was my age but had enough collagen and rhinoplasty across her face to gives me three inches extra in the bedroom.

Start young kids, it's the only way to stay ahead.

Pick up Embryonik's music here, here, here and here. Also follow him on Twitter and HypeM.

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