Sunday, 12 July 2009

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

its really funny.. so many blogs and artists right now keep talking about 'enjoying the summer' and songs that are an an 'ode' to the summer.
unfortunately, all of us here in australia are stuck in the middle of a piece of shit winter, so a lot of these summer references are lost in translation. they also make me jealous as hell.

so when i read that air france's new(ish) single 'gbg belongs to us' was a "glorious summer jam" i was a little peeved and a little bit more skeptical.
but i have to say that when i listened to it, visions of a breezy summer genuinely came to mind. how a song makes me think of shady picnics and the beach is beyond me. but it is amazing. whispered vocals and nineties pianos: classic air france.

Air France - GBG Belongs To Us

'gbg belongs to us' is a part of release entitled "a love letter in three parts" that is a bit of an extra-sensory bonanza. it includes a short video, a poetic guide to gothenburg and this amazing track.. definitely definitely worth your time today.

in a similar vein is this new track by the radio dept which makes me think back to the strong pianos and wistful sound of 'no excuses' by air france.. i wonder if air france and radio dept are friends. such strong exponents of the swedish dreampop thing should be besties.

The Radio Dept. - Messy Enough

'messy enough' comes off their recent ep 'david' which i also cant recommend highly enough..

enjoy your sunday

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