Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Making Things

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

the theme for tonight is definitely dreamy lush synth-pop. i dont know why that is, but it is probably something to do with me losing all the music on my ipod. (actually, that argument is a little weak as this theme pretty much applies to every night of my life, but whatever- lets roll with it.)

the first piece of definite dreamy lush synth-pop comes from the master of such things: monsieur anoraak. it is called 'make it better' and features on a superb compilation of french electronic artists called 'edges' that was released in mid-june (get it here).
as could be expected, this track is pretty excellent. it would certainly be the only song to play at a party held in the shadows of a pink neon sign somewhere 'downtown'.

Anoraak - Make It Better

the only criticism i have of anoraak (and indeed of the valerie collective in general) is that all of their music sounds so similar. similar synths, similar drums, similar vibe.
but when they do it so damned well, who am i to complain??

this remix of miami horror by cyndi seui was definitely one of the best ones on the bravado remixes package.. yes, even better than fred 'evergreen' falke's effort.

Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her (Cyndi Seui Remix)

the funky slap-bassline and cool valerie styled synths join hands and skip around the quadrangle in such a way that it is pretty much impossible to get your eyes off them. i love it in a jealous kind of way.

fingers crossed my ipod will be operational for work tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

nice Miami Horror track but my favourite is still 'Make You Mine'.. so cool!!!

m. @ http://umstrum.com