Friday, 25 September 2009


Friday, 25 September 2009

i can feel my ears getting sweaty. this django django remix of frenchie turzi's track 'bombay' is truly exotic. (probably only because of the twangy middle-eastern guitars and bongos thrown in there.) you may call me unworldly and uncultured, but if there was an indian version of 'top gear', this remix is what i picture the indian stig would like to listen to when doing his hot lap.

Turzi - Bombay (Django Django's Thunder In Paradise Remix)

on the flip is this beautifully crafted remix done by the enigmatic sebastien tellier and turzi himself..

Turzi - New Beat in Buenos Aires, a Sebastien Tellier and Romain Turzi Remix

word on the street is that the differences between the frenetic bombay, and the reflective, restrained buenos aires perfectly showcase the two halves that will be present in his upcoming album.. maybe you can judge that for yourself.

turzi's new release bombay/buenos aires is out now through record makers.. you can grab it here.. his new album 'b' will be out sometime in the next 10 years

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