Tuesday, 1 September 2009

sickest day

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

ahhh the fabled sick day.. a time for laziness in the sun.. seriously who can be bothered to move on a day like this.. even considering what music to put on requires too much effort. thank god for dj mixes huh?

these first two have a distinct disco/funk/yacht-rock flavour.. i have a strong feeling that these genres should be the only ones playing when youre enjoying sick-day sun in your backyard.

Breakbot Radio 1 Mix

Tensnake Summer Mix

this live set by golden bug was a lot different to what i thought it would be.. sure, i expected it to be flat out awesome, but i figured that it would be awesomeness of the lively techy/electro kind.. instead, they busted out a crazy collection of disco flavoured tech-funk and quirky indie-dance with a wide-eyed twist of sweaty fun.. seriously amazing.

Golden Bug - Live In Kiev

in other news, dcup is playing at fringe bar tonight.. if youre around and feel like you want to go and dance your ass right off, then maybe you should drop in and say hi.
if you live at coolangatta and are frustrated that dcup never seems to leave sydney, then your frustrations are unfounded. check this link here and i think you will find that he is indeed playing up there this weekend. lucky queenslanders!


ok i just thought that i would indulge my ego for two secs and post an uber chilled mix that i recently completed..

Steve's Rug Mix

im hoping that if you find yourself sick and stretched out in your sunny backyard tomorrow, that this mix makes you feel a little better.
it might also be nice on a sunday afternoon with pimms. maybe.

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