Friday, 30 October 2009

fridays and fridays

Friday, 30 October 2009

im kind of ashamed to admit it, but so much of my early electronic music education came straight off the early bang gang podcasts. i dont particularly know much about the scene pre bang gang (cos i was only a wee nipper) but i like the direction that they took it when they were at the helm.

this particular piece of friday bliss was lifted from some early mix that they did (possibly one of the first two buttfuck mixes by gus?).. i had no idea that the affable geyster was behind this genius, but i like to think of it as an unsullied version of 'all this love'..

Geyster - John Clay (Skalp Funky Groove Remix)

also, check this amazing den haan track.. its quirky coolness and amazing/epic drop make it a friday mainstayer for sure yo. masssssive props to the phenomenally classy waves at night for this.

Den Haan - Russian Boat Commander thank you waves at night

any people that make a song featuring the lyrics
"bullet from a gun/theres nowhere to run/don't you understand/he's here to take command/russian boat commander/hes a really big demander" instantly go up a couple of notches in my book.
for more friday fun, head over here and download den haan's italo funk mix.
for even more friday fun, head out and buy one of these.

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