Wednesday 7 October 2009


Wednesday 7 October 2009

do you think its fair that on the first day i bring my lunch to work for ages, it gets stolen by a seagull? would you suggest that me losing my lunch is connected in some way to something bad that i did?

hmm. whilst mulling over these significant questions, i spent some quality time with the 'so cosmic' mix that cut copy put together in '07.

while it is a pretty timeless mix (laden with loads of awesome personal memories), there is one track in particular that stands out.. and that is this nu-musik track called 'warp':

Nu-Musik - Warp thanks to (knicken)

somehow this track manages to come across as the very embodiment of 80's new-wave, whilst also seeming completely ageless. you might argue that the 80's new-wave sound itself is completely ageless, but i would argue that you should shut up.

timeless 80's beats to help me mourn my lost sandwich? excellent.

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SecretDisco said...

That isnt the original Warp track, its my edit which i sent around to a few blogs sometime last year, thanks anyway for posting it :o)