Tuesday, 8 December 2009

metro area inside sydney

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

is it weird that it is only tuesday and i am already planning my weekend? probably not that weird huh.. especially when it promises to be so so good.

ive already touched upon the wondrous modular christmas party which is happening on saturday (tix still available here), but i havent yet sprouted any excitement about the effervescent darshan jesrani, who will donning the dance commander hard-hat at goodgod on friday.

for those of you who may be a little behind the whole disco thing, darshan jesrani is one half of pioneers metro area, whose 2002 debut long player "changed the landscape of dance music." (thank you picnic facebook group)..

i was personally (fashionably) late to the metro area party- only stumbling across them at parklife last year.. in a grotty landscape filled with "team parklife '08!!!!" singlets and shittingly repetitive electro, metro area's funk and disco fuelled set was like an oasis.. it wasnt until much after the festival that i realised how groundbreaking and influential these guys are.
compare their beats with stuff produced by artists like holy ghost! and aeroplane to see what i mean..
here are a couple of treats to get you started:

Hugh Masekela - Mama (Metro Area Birthday Dub)

Metro Area - Read My Mind (Special Dub)

this is being billed as one of the events of the year.. so if time, money and health is in your favour, you have no excuse to miss out. grab tickets nownownow.

Escort - Starlight (Darshan Jesrani Parks Dept. Dub)

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