Tuesday, 12 January 2010

viva la zevolution

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

happy new years everyone! sorry its taken me so long to get a new years post out.. i thought id start the year in style and quickly go over the excellent re-edit compilation put out by the infamous ze records late last year..

a bit of background: ze records was an incredibly influential label from the early 80s who led the way with their combination of disco, post-punk and pop sounds.. ze records disbanded in the mid-late eighties, but reformed in the early naughties to reissue and revive some of their iconic sounds.
their latest project is a re-edit collection that sees many of their finest artists (like was (not was), alan vega and kid creole & the coconuts) revised by current style-setters (like todd terje, pilooski and leo zero). disco on disco. yess
uk luminary greg wilson was the curator of this project and he really did well in collating a bunch of tracks that stayed faithful to the original deep-chequered-fun, late-night tango-esque vibe that ze records were all about. good job!

these two edits by fat camp and new york scenesters rub n tug are particularly tickling my fancy at the moment..
the extended axe-shredding in rub n tug's material edit made me want to whip out the air guitar more than any other disco song i have ever heard, while the thick funk in fat camp's version of dave gamson is pretty damned irresistible..

Material With Nona Hendryx - Bustin' Out (Rub N Tug Edit)

David Gamson - No Turn On Red (Fat Camp Version)

grab your copy of "zevolution: ze records re-edited" right here

ps: i would really like to get all stabby with the person that stole my shoes.

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