Thursday, 25 March 2010

where to now?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

the imperious cage & aviary have been methodically going about their business of late, with their ever increasing catalogue of smooth new disco jams getting love from every corner.
hopefully you bumped into them at some point last year- maybe you caught the sublime, lcd-esque 'television train' released by dfa, or perhaps jamie paton's (half of c&a) magnificent remix of sidwho's 'violet run run'.. maybe you heard both? who would know?
anyway, here is a small measure of cage & aviary called 'low noise' that i have been bumping recently.. it is so full of mystique and eastern promise that i need to take a bath.

Cage & Aviary - Low Noise

you can find that on late 2009's 'beat-n-path ep', which is grabbable here.

in other news, my newly discovered crushes linkwood are playing 202 broadway next thursday (1st april).. definitely and absolutely the best way to spend the first night of your easter 4 day weekend..
if you havent sampled linkwood's deliciously diverse array of work, here is a taster. from the funkier end of their spectrum comes 'fudge boogie': a smooth, dam-funk styled jam bursting with velvet-like synths and some diva-licious vocals..

Linkwood - Fudge Boogie

before stepping down to 202 broadway, grab linkwood's excellent new lp 'system' right here. highly recc'd yo..

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