Wednesday, 5 May 2010

book shades

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

booka shade's fourth album 'more!' was released a couple of weeks ago.. did you check it out? after a less than excited reception, you might be forgiven for missing it..
despite that, i felt like there were a few high points on the album - the melodious, understated 'teenage spaceman' was a triumph, and loungey bouncefest 'the door' certainly was enjoyable..
their selection for first single however was 'bad love' which is very nearly ruined by some over-earnest vocals.. it is a lush piece of work though- probably worth checking out.

as to be expected, there were a glut of quality tech-house artists contributing remixes to the 'bad love' single package, but the one that really caught my eye was this little effort from french heroes cassius.
i came into it expecting an upbeat french-house jam, but was pleasantly surprised by a jacking tech-spliced house number.. i really should have known better after youth, speed, trouble, cigarettes..

Booka Shade - Bad Love (Cassius Remix)

the other remixes in the package are rather entertaining as well. joe & will ask and azari & iii turned some banging versions (azari & iii in particular are really impressing at the moment), but this synthy, swirly tech-house interpretation from kaiserdisco has spent some serious time in my headphones today..

Booka Shade - Bad Love (Kaiserdisco Remix)

oh and by the way, ive found a few options for web hosting, so hopefully our mediafire days will be over here at blouse.. please right-click and 'save target as' to your heart's content


Ctelblog said...

what a thoughtful review

Anonymous said...

ouch. sarcasm hurts

Anonymous said...

mmm sorry but that was a surprisingly sub par attempt at a review.

Steve said...

damn im sorry.. it wasnt particularly meant as a "review".. more just passing thoughts.

if anything, i was trying to share the 'bad love' remixes than do a complete album review on more.