Thursday 3 June 2010

hello melbourne part 2

Thursday 3 June 2010

holy balls it is freeeezing in melbourne. i havent been this cold since i lived in canberra. and i got told today that "i ain't seen nothin' yet". a compelling reason not to move.

luke vibert has had so many alias and aka's that it all sometimes gets a little confusing. kerrier district was a little side project that he worked on a few years back to sate his disco inclinations.. while the project may have had a mixed reception, this track 'lets dance and freak' is a stone-cold classic.. any song that turns a bouncy, fun bassline like this into a serious, sophisticated affair gets major ticks from me.. (not the insect variety)

Kerrier District - Lets Dance and Freak

can you spot the metro area nod in the kerrier district name??

space ranger are a german trio that are really starting to get some serious traction in disco circles.. a lot of attention has been payed to their star wash ep from a couple of months back, and rightfully so. its deep, cosmic and thoroughly analogue vibe really seems to nail a sound that a lot of people are trying to achieve. 'phase fever' is the most upbeat off the ep, and what a shimmery banger it is.. a bassline as driving as this is sure to slay a few dancefloors out there..

Space Ranger - Phase Fever

buy space ranger's 'star wash ep' here.

we hadn't really heard any new business coming out of the tellier fortress for a while now, and to be honest, it was a little worrying. a sexuality remix cd was dropped recently, and while it may not exactly be 'new business', it is a sign that he is still alive.
with all this midnight juggernaut hysteria going around, it only seems fair that i look back on this remix that they made of 'divine' in '08. dramatic synths, resonant vocals and heavy drums make for a very classic sounding juggernauts mix:

Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

grab the tellier 'sexuality' remix album here..

hope to see you out in melbourne this weekend


Unknown said...

Its not that cold down here, plenty of reasons to move to Melbourne. I made it here from Brisbane and am coping so a move from Sydney cant be too bad!

Thanks for continuing to blog our stuff too, support is much appreciated! Get in touch next time you are coming to Melbourne!

Steve said...

haha yeah i think the fun far outweighed any concerns i had about the temperature..

no problems with the support - please keep producing great music!