Friday, 17 September 2010

cloudy friday

Friday, 17 September 2010

matias aguayo is perfect for a day like this. it may be cloudy and cold outside, but his vitamin d inducing carnivale music makes me feel like doing a little sweaty samba.
it may have taken me a little while to get my head around the playful, warm carnival groove of 'ay ay ay' but im glad that i have now - getting a bit of latin sun in my headphones is nice.

Matias Aguayo - Ritmo Juarez (mediafire link)

seeing him play a kompakt warehouse party in st peters many moons ago was one of, if not the main force that got me into the world of minimal, techno and idm. he was an inspired performer that combined all forms of minimal, techno, house and 80's pop into such an intelligent and coherent set that i walked away with a renewed faith in djing as an artform.

Matias Aguayo - Menta Latte (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (mediafire link)

grab 'ay ay ay' here if you need some friday spice.

if you are in melbourne tonight and missed the promo on waves at night, here it is again: the almighty todd terje is playing tonight at roxanne parlour! definitely an unmissable occasion for any one in the city with any sort of inclination toward disco, scandinavia, or balearia.

Wally Warning - Land of Hunger (Todd Terje Edit) (mediafire link)

have a good weekend! hope to see you at todd terje!


Anonymous said...

Oi man it's me again man! ya doin it man! ya doin it good now man! I luv Menta Latte! What did I tell ya mam I said to just do it and get ya face out there cos that's how ya live ya life man! I knew ya would man! Keep up the good work man I'm just gunna go kick it in me back yard with a few stubbies and listen to ya choons man cos I luv'em!


Music for Songwriters said...

it's always a lazy day when it's cloudy outside...makes you want to just stay in and watch movies all day...