Thursday 2 September 2010

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Thursday 2 September 2010

(NOTE: fileden is a piece of shit. i definitely regret buying the space. anyway, i have moved the files to mediafire. apologies, but ive got a little bit of thinking to do about hosting and the like. if anyone has any advice, please give us a shout)

so its spring now. can you believe that it is going to be 20 degrees here on the weekend? (cant believe im getting excited over a 20 degree day.)
i cant wait for the day when ill be chilling at the beach on phillip island. shouldnt be too long right?

while i wait for some sun, it is my good fortune that there is plenty of excellent music to keep me occupied.

sydney label future classic is incessantly impressive. in many ways, they are really are the tastemakers of sydney. or at least the electronica part of it.
their latest release is one by sydney-siders loin brothers and as expected, it is superb. the original is a dense, smoky, bass driven affair with a slightly mysterious middle eastern twang to it. really really good.
when woolfy/projections grabbed the wheel though, they really pulled their feet off the accelerator and started burning some incense.. a great slow, slow burner with plenty of layers and textures. and when the vox pop their head in at around 4 minutes, it really does get blissful up in here.

Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf (Woolfy vs Projections Top Sirloin) (mediafire link)

grab the rest of the 'garden of vargulf' release here.

all star duo voltage have been making a good number of waves recently with their first release 'all night'. despite the quality of the original and remixes (put forward by the heavy hitting ilija rudman and azari & iii), it was the b-side of this release that impressed me the most.
'qe2' is more along the lines of a great cut copy remix with its driving, swirling synths and angelic keys. a d-floor disco bomb cunningly veiled in prettiness.

Voltage - QE2 (mediafire link)

grab a copy of qe2/all night here.

ok so ive been a little slack in getting this out, but nicolas jaar's collection of edits from a few weeks ago has been doing some serious rotation in my headphones. such a diverse range of sounds, and all executed so well. 'come n get it' is perhaps my pick of the bunch with it's thick 90's funk and solemnly ethereal keys. truly magnificent.

Nicolas Jaar - Come N Get It (mediafire link)

i have been totally sold on jaar since 'time for us' and if he keeps on releasing slow jams that are as excellent as that and 'come n get it', ill probably start sweating.
in case you havent already, head over to residentadvisor to pick up the full collection.

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