Friday, 22 October 2010

for all those left behind

Friday, 22 October 2010

for those of you who are stuck back at work like me, here are a couple of treats that have kept me sane on this friday evening..

first up is this akufen gem that harkens back to the immortal 'rikki' by mylo. jolty yet irrepressibly dance inducing house. any song that converts wigged out radio station flicking to d-floor gold is a winner in my books.

Akufen - Deck The House (alt)

i dug this tensnake track out of the vaults the other day and was mighty pleased that i did. spooky halloween house that belongs in a ghost house for the first two and a half minutes, but sprouts all types of dancefloor loveliness after the drop. throbbing basslines for your ghost house:

Tensnake - I Say Mista (alt)

merry weekends!

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