Thursday, 21 October 2010


Thursday, 21 October 2010

it seems like the crew that are responsible for putting up posters near my house have done an incredibly effective job recently. i cant seem to walk out of my house without spying some interesting poster or another.

this entire week, posters advertising shows for techno luminaries surgeon and superpitcher have been glaring me in the face, and i have to say that im a little excited.

friday will see the inimitable surgeon grace the decks at brown alley. ive heard so much said about his incredible djing abilities, but i think resident advisor's todd burns says it best:

"The Birmingham techno pioneer has pushed the art of digital DJing further than almost anyone, cutting and piecing together tracks into a larger whole so expertly that you hardly think about the parts. Some DJs use laptops to spin records, Surgeon uses a laptop to transform them."

clearly this isnt going to be 'just another show'. get your butt down to brown alley tomorrow night to see this maestro in action. grab tickets here to avoid disappointment.

Surgeon - The Crawling Frog Is Torn And Smiles (alt)

saturday night is shaping up to be just as large as friday with kompakt stalwart superpitcher spinning some rekkids at new guernica. touring in support of the recently released 'kilimanjaro', expect to see a cavalcade of twisted tech, deep and disco house delivered as only the kompakt crew can. im mightily excited about this..

grab your tickets over here.

Superpitcher - Joanna (alt)

holy moly its gonna be a big weekend. tally ho!


Acid Midget said...

"get your butt down to brown alley tomorrow night."
Oh god, what a one-liner.

Steve said...

you love getting yourself into brown alleys omar