Tuesday, 9 November 2010

clear out there

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

weather like today is (probably) good for only one thing: making me want to go and lay in a hammock near the beach. these are some of the songs i would like to listen to in a hammock:

small pyramids (aka californian zach hunsaker) recently sent us his 'another way to feel ep', and i have to say that have been very impressed. his brand of breezy, almost-cosmic disco has been happily stuck on high rotation for a few days now with no sign of relenting.
'look no further' is a sexy down-tempo interpretation of dennis edwards classic 'don't look any further'. i love the organic progression and composition of this song: so so smooth. and the vocal briefly poking its nose in the door right at the end is enough to make people swoon:

Small Pyramids - Look No Further (alt)

check out more small pyramids action here.. some tasty edits and remixes to be had.

i've been eagerly waiting the next teen daze release since first laying my ears upon 'four more years'. turns out that i didn't have to wait too long, as this little two track teaser called 'cold house b/w everywhere' has just been dropped.
teen daze focuses more on the dancey side of things with this release, and while it may not rock dancefloors, it will sure make your next tram ride or pool party that much more amazing.
'cold house' is like a cool breeze on a hot day.. he says that he has fallen in love with the 'rounded synth' bass and here he has used it really well with the wandering high synths and restrained drums.

Teen Daze - Cold House (alt)

get involved with more teen daze at his blog.. the 'everywhere' section of the release is also available for download there.

last up is this sunny slice of electronica lifted from the 'drift remixed' album by nosaj thing. i really cant imagine that any music would be more suited for hammock use than teebs' take on 'caves'. wet, drippy drums matched with aimless synths give this track a wandering and soft vibe.. perfect for when youre taking in a bit of sun in your rope bed.

Nosaj Thing - Caves (Teebs Remix) (alt)

even though 'drift remixed' was released a week ago, im finding it extremely difficult to find where it can be purchased from. head over to alphapup for more details.

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the pyramids track is REEDICK.