Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

after plummeting into our consciousness some time last year (earlier if you were on the ball), nicolas jaar hasn't been far from our attentions since. for a wunderkind of 21 who is still studying, he has had a meteoric rise to popularity.. and deservedly so.

he has impressed us with a slew of deep, intricate remixes and singles, but it is his debut album 'space is only noise' that might be the most exciting. indeed, pitchfork and residentadvisor agree - both doling out high scores in their reviews.

Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise If You Can See

i hate to harp over the fact that he is a young guy, but after thinking back to what my music tastes were when i was 21, i'm pretty shocked at the intelligence and craft that has gone into this release. i kept expecting some brash 4/4 beats and a funky bassline to show up but they really didnt. no.. this is a well considered, introspective album worthy of many listens.
i have seen similar abstract and strange sounds on albums in the past, but rarely have i heard them as welcoming and warm as on 'space is only noise'.
the rhythmic, melodious foundation and kooky vocal loops & samples throughout really couple with his sometimes jazzy, sometimes loungey minimal sound to create a really warm inviting vibe.

Nicolas Jaar - Keep Me There

i really, strongly recommend this album. like me, you might have been expecting an album of subtle d-floor burners, but what jaar has delivered is a much richer, full-bodied experience. grab it here.

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