Monday, 14 March 2011

UPDATED - New Justice album: Civilization

Monday, 14 March 2011

French electronic duo Justice will release their second album after a four-year hiatus since †, or Cross, was released in 2007 and signalled the zenith of the electro era.

Here's a teaser to get you excited about their forthcoming album Civilization.  

Note: This teaser is kind of boring and doesn't really hint at what the album, or any album, would sound like. Unless Justice have made an album which sounds like Pac Man taking a dump on a dozen Pac Women in a kiddies' pool.

We'll keep you posted as the band releases details.

Here are the lyrics to Civilization, performed by Ali Love. This was posted on Facebook a few hours ago:


Acid Midget said...

The single 'Civilsation' will be released April 4, according to the Justice Facebook page:

Steve said...

man that video was taken down quickly!

Acid Midget said...

Here's a stream of this song: