Friday 15 April 2011

a friday with a cap'n

Friday 15 April 2011

do you feel like a spot of light friday entertainment? have you always wanted a kick ass dj name, but never found the creativity or inspiration to think of one?
well luckily for you, good blouse friend milo firewater has created this handy (and slickly designed) site that will come up with one for you.
check it out here. an afternoon of amusement waits.
and if you are into breaks or dubstep, check out his beats here. really slick stuff.

in other music news, i have been listening to various soul clap mix tapes on repeat for the past few days. i am absolutely addicted to their blend of funk, disco, 90's house, and tech house. so incredibly fun, yet often so sophisticated and serious.
but there is one type of track in particular that features pretty heavily on their social experiment 002 mix that gets me. and they sound like this:

Soul Clap - 3 Wheel E-Motion

irresistibly funky, simple tracks with these wailing, monotonal, gangsta synth stabs that are absolutely mindblowing. i have no idea why, but these tracks are like crack for me. cant get enough.

i heartily recommend that you head over here and pick up soul clap vs wolf and lambs dj kicks mixtape. heartily.

have a good weekend!

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