Sunday 10 July 2011


Sunday 10 July 2011

how do you feel today? head hurting a bit? maybe went a bit hard last night? hmmm.. me too.

thats why it is an absolutely incredible idea to introduce this 'day mix' by los angeles and future classic residents poolside music into your life. unbelievably smooth, soulful house, hip hop and disco to ease you back into existence. put this on and curl up. now.

Poolside Music - Day Mix

this mix is accompanied by a 'night' mix that eases this party onto the d-floor. head over to their soundcloud to get a taste of that. incredibly well crafted mixes by some talented dudes.

cheers to aido for the heads up on this one!


Acid Midget said...

Great mix!

Steve said...

Yeah! Check out the Night mix as well if you get a second. Good stuff from the Poolside guys.

Pat Aidan on the back if you see him..