Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I Want It

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

sun outside? yep. probably a good day for some prins thomas & lindstrom wonderment.

first up is a no nonsense balearic edit from prins thomas. it is an edit of marius vareid's track "netlop".. love how he takes such the simple rhythm from the original, strips out all the fluff and compacts it into a driving, d-floor presence:

Marius Vareid - Netlop (Prins Thomas Bonus Edit)

this edit was pulled from marius vareid's "sang til sara" release of last month. have a listen here.

i posted about dj harvey's locussolus project not that long ago.. turns out i couldnt keep my grubby mitts off it.. this is another track from the locussolus album - this time in the form of an "i want it" remix by lindstrom and prins thomas.
they have done quite the number on this track, as it is (for the most part) vastly different from the original.. gone is the cool bombastic groove of the original- replaced instead by raucous piano, loads of honky horns and even a touch of bananarama's "venus". so, so, so much fun. get involved:

Locussolus - I Want It (Prins Thomas & Lindstrom Remix)

again, pick up the locussolus lp here.

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