Friday, 21 October 2011

Part Of Me

Friday, 21 October 2011

i have to say that stepping back into the world of vinyl has - in a way - rekindled my excitement for music. it might sound obvious, but paying (considerably) more and dealing with waiting periods longer than 10 minutes breed a kind of love and pride for your records that only a father could have.  

that's why it means quite a lot when i say that one of the clear stand outs in my first haul of vinyl has been greg paulus' "crew love remixes ep".. the intoxicating blend of smoky horns, quirky synths, and minimal beats have certainly been getting much airplay around these parts. 

you may have heard soul clap's hazy-but-bouncy take on "suchashame", but the cut that i have been getting excited about on this release is definitely slow hand's mix of "part of me".. twisting percussion & carnival horns in the most solemn tropical party this side of cuba:

Greg Paulus - Part Of Me (Slow Hands Remix)

hot damn these double standard/soul clap/wolf + lamb guys have some amazing sounds right now. best you get some into your ears. grab the "crew love remixes ep" here.. check out some other (also awesome) double standard stuff here.

i posted tale of us' incredible "dark song" a few weeks ago, and it should be no surprise that their ep was one of the first ones that i bought. yes, i really really enjoyed the shit out that song, and it gives me great pleasure to say that i also heartily enjoyed their debut four tracker.
like the greg paulus ep, a heavy haze hangs over this release, but here it is accompanied by a multitude of luxuriant synths, a real driving smoothness, and a vibe caught somewhere between tribal love dance and 90's warehouse party.
"circle of life" may initially be the introverted pick of the bunch, but it really builds into something great. watch for the incredibly soft, velvety synths:

Tale Of Us - Circle Of Life (featuring Fadila)

pick up the full "dark song" release here.

tech house friday tomorrow! yeah!

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