Saturday, 1 October 2011


Saturday, 1 October 2011

woohoo! tech house fridays are back at last..

for some reason, there has been a lot of talk (mostly coming from me) about visiting berlin and the infamous techno institution that is berghain. the change in season seems to have brought a debaucherous twinkle to peoples eyes, and talk of the nefarious goings-on in that old power station only serves to fuel that fire. so too does the excellent mix series that the club has been releasing sporadically for six years.

resident marcel fengler manned the wheels for the most recent outing - the fifth in the series - and i have to say that i was definitely impressed by his effort. a weighty and downright dark collection of techno with minimal melody or frilly bits - the focus being an intense groove and drive supplied by subterranean bass and thumping drums.
one of my personal highlights on this mix was a track called "uv" by the mysterious vril. love the long, patient progression of this song.. when a song focuses on building the percussion for over three minutes, you know it has to be good. and the unrelenting piano lends an almost 90's feel to the track which is cool as well. very compelling:

Vril - UV

spice up your weekend. pick up marcel fengler's bergain 05 here.

in other incredible news, my first shipment of vinyls arrived this week... thats right! im starting to collect vinyl again (please don't get too excited). the lp that im probably most excited about in this order would have to be the mighty octave one's album "the living key" from '97. so many tight tunes on there, but one that i keep coming back to is "mid heaven".. a swirling, tribal rain dance of a track with so much awesome percussion that i sometimes get dizzy listening to it.

Octave One - Mid Heaven

pick up "the living key" here.

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