Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fade Away

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Coming up with the Blouse picks of 2011 sure has been sweaty work.. It has been an interesting year to say the least. Will send that your way in the next week or so. 

In the meantime:

I came across Nico Purman's 'Fade Away' on the Rebel Rave mix a while back and have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. Initially it seems quite simple and perhaps even a bit formulaic, but there is definitely something compelling in the play between its driving bass and subtle vocals.
The perfect use of extra percussion (cymbals at 4:40 = winner) and synth touches really add a lot as well:

Pick up Nico Purman's Fade Away EP here


French DJ/producer ChloƩ has popped up again after a few years in the production wilderness to serve up her new single 'Watch Out'.
This time around, we have been treated to three tracks of busy, full-bodied techno with an almost tribal undertone.
My pick would have to be B-side 'Chatterbox' with its tough, driving bass and filtered vocals. Aimed squarely at the dance floors, this is one track that you definitely want to save for your family's post Christmas lunch rave off.

You can score Chloe's 'Watch Out' right here

Finally, felt I should mention that I'm currently reaching the tail end of Visionquest's superb Fabric mix, and have stumbled across the staggeringly awesome new single by Footprintz entitled 'Heaven Felt Like Night'. Those guys are on to something special there.. Do what you can to track it down. 

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