Sunday, 4 December 2011


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Some cold downbeat minimal to help us enjoy/wallow in this sad, bleak Saturday.

I did a quick search on Hypem (such a reliable source I know) and was shocked to see that Steffi's recent opus "Sadness" had not been shared.. Completely unfair in my opinion, as this song is so heavily laden with emotion that I get worried about my speakers ability to support it.

Delightfully wistful keys and some stark yet emotionally charged vocals. I'm slightly infatuated with this song - can't recommend it enough:

Steffi - Sadness 

Taken from the Panorama Bar 03 vinyl sampler from earlier this year. Grab it here.

This next track by Dial honcho Carsten Jost is perfectly suiting the mood today.. It really feels like every set/morning closing song I've ever heard, all rolled into one. If you've been there, you might recognise the smooth, "winding down" vibe in the pianos and synths and the barely restrained percussion that subtly and gently gives it all a lift. Somehow, I can really feel the desperate exhaustion of those "last song of weekend, pre-bed" moments in this track..
Some nice, smooth techno to round out the weekend:

Carsten Jost - Chateau Jalousie

This was taken from Jost's release "A Greater Administration of Lower Interests", which he shared with fellow Dial founder Lawrence. You can pick that up here.

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