Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

George Fitzgerald. Such an inconspicuous name.
Yet somehow - against all odds, this guy seems to be making quite a name for himself.

Sitting pretty amongst some stellar company at Scuba's Hotflush Records, Fitzgerald's style of beat fits neatly alongside the rest of the diverse, techno infused dubstep of that crowd.

Where Fitzgerald differs from his stablemates though, is in the line he threads between dubstep, techno and soulful house sounds.. His tracks may still (for the most part) be steered by driving beats and basslines, but what really kicks them off is the light, floating synths and vocal samples that permeate throughout.

The Let Down is perhaps my favourite cut of his and I think it illustrates his genre straddling technique quite nicely, with some solid beats offset by frenetic key stabs and soulful vocal samples:

George Fitzgerald - The Let Down

The Let Down was lifted from his '10 release Weakness/The Let Down. Grab it here.

Recent times haven't seen him slacking off, with a 12" release in late '11 (His track Shackled was featured in Scuba's lauded DJ Kicks mixtape) along with a bunch of remixes AND a solid touring schedule.
His remix of Lee Jones' Moment is one that I have been enjoying of late, and it shows off the other side of his production with its 4/4 beat (love those crisp snares) and gentle techno vibe:

Lee Jones - Moment (George Fitzgerald Remix)

This mix was featured on Jones' amusingly titled The Moose Mingles EP. Reco that shit here.

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