Wednesday 4 July 2012

Mixtapes by Young Magic, Radge & Chris Honnery

Wednesday 4 July 2012

So - my Summer holiday has almost arrived - and that can only mean one thing. A furious few days of ramming as much music onto my various devices as possible before I jet off.

I've already discovered quite a few interesting things on my little music hunt. Of particular note are a bunch of mix tapes that have been doing the rounds.. And since it has been such a long time since we did a mixtape feature on Blouse, I thought I sort that out and share a few of them:
Young Magic are quickly becoming the go-to-guys for consistently fantastic mixtapes.
Their mixes reflect the eclectic, downtempo nature of their own material and have a nice earthy sound that blends vintage rock & funk with downtempo electronic gems.

This is their most recent mix from a few months ago. It will go down very nicely on the beach indeed:

Ron Radge is a Sydney character that I have been loosely following for quite a while now. He is actually from my hometown of Canberra, and I remember people discussing the quality of his DJ sets from way back when when I lived there - some 8 years ago. Sundance is an amazing piece of work and is reminiscent of an Avalanches mix tape from their glory days. A real world music party mix featuring twanging sitars, chanting and vintage disco. This will also go nicely on the beach:

And finally - it would be rude for us to post a bunch of mixes and not feature one with at least one foot in the club. This last one was recently put together by Sydney techno scene figurehead and auteur Chris Honnery (best known for his 'Deep Impressions' column in The Brag, as well as his fantastically diverse and impressive parties and sets under his own name and as one half of Diatribe).. Swaying between experimental electronica and sophisticated minimal & techno, I really got into the organic, instrumental feel and superb pacing featured throughout the mix. Really great stuff.. Can't wait for volume 2:

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nice choice of songs when hitting the summer beach! same here, can't wait for volume 2 as well.