Saturday 3 November 2012

My Marcel Dettmann man crush

Saturday 3 November 2012

Really, I'm not gay. I do things you might consider gay. I eat lots of bananas and stuff. But I'm very hetero. I pee testosterone concentrate. But lately I've been a little worried about this Marcel Dettmann thing. You know, that handsome Berlin DJ and pro-juicer?

I got into this guy's music after seeing him DJ at Cable in London. Steve was there; we had a hetero old time. I would describe Marcel's techno as dark and pulsing experimentation with EBM and 80s synth-pop tropes. He cites both as influences on his production.

Here's an interview where Marcel he talks about being really straight and having fun making music:

I recently heard a mix Marcel did at Fuse Club in Brussels. You'll notice the thumping thumps he whacks in; he wants you to ignore the people you're with and dance your ass off. He wants you to ignore the drink you're holding.

Personally I like Marcel's chiselled jaw and keut bum-chin. I'm growing a Berlin beard just like his so I'll be ready for my upcoming visit to Berghain. I know the music cums first, but good looks are also part of his PR strategy. So helmets off to Marcel for being unique.

Am I in denial bb?

Play the Fuse mix while you ponder that.

Or download the whole thing right here:

Marcel Dettmann Live at Fuse Brussels

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