Monday 19 November 2012

Redshape & Marcel Fengler

Monday 19 November 2012

As another weekend comes to a close, I thought that it might be nice to turn down the Blouse thermostat a little and feature a couple of tracks that are a touch mellower than our recent fare.

Although the names Redshape and Marcel Fengler might put images of packed clubs and sweaty walls into your mind, I assure you - these two new tracks are just lovely.

Redshape is a fellow that wears a red mask to his gigs. How do you feel about that? Does the thought of a masked DJ inspire you with awesome thoughts of Daft Punk in their pyramid, or horrible visions of Bloody Beetroots gyrating on stage next to Steve Aoki? Yes, a mask may easily bring certain connotations along for the ride - but in Redshape's case they should be positive.
His latest album 'Square' is a minimal, yet melodic affair that creeps it's way around a diverse landscape of natural ambient sounds and his gloriously full synths. There is a real variety of speeds and temperaments on this long player but to me, he is at his best in his most subtle and self-reflective moments.
'Atlantic' is one such moment on the album, and also one of my favourites. With only light percussion to nail it down, this piece relies on an array of strings, bird sounds and metallic synths to create a deliciously cinematic vibe in which to play. A really great piece of atmosphere from an equally great LP:

Redshape - Atlantic

Check out Redshape's excellent new album 'Squarehere.

Marcel Fengler doesn't wear a mask, but does command loads of respect within the techno community. A few weeks ago, he released his new EP, entitled 'Frantic'. Exciting news.
While the first two tracks are a little harder and faster, it was the sparkly luminescence of 'Mosaique' that especially caught my attention. It feels considerably lighter than its EP-mates thanks to an ethereal, mood setting synth and a slower BPM. The chugging sub bass does help to get your toes tapping but in the end, the beauty of this number is in it's light, airy composition.
Listen hard enough and you may even notice a real retro quality to it... Although the elements do sound very modern and fresh, the simplicity of the synth overlay and chugging bass definitely have a little bit of a 90's vibe. What do you think?

Marcel Fengler - Mosaique

You can locate 'Mosaique' on Fengler's brand spanking new EP 'Frantic' right here. Like 'Square', it comes highly recommended.

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