Monday 24 December 2012

Christmas! Nathan Fake & Lindstrøm

Monday 24 December 2012

Hey! Wow, it's going to be Christmas in a couple of days. Great! Great? Hmm..

I might be a special case (or just a grinch), but one of the biggest grinders of my Christmas gears would have to be the carols.
If you feel like changing - or spicing - things up a little around the tree on Christmas Day, here are a few songs that I found to be suitably 'festive' for this stressful period..

I was rather shocked when I picked up on Nathan Fake's apparent penchant for Christmas songs.
While most people seem to tread warily around carols, Fake certainly isn't shy..

'Xmas Rush' was a track that Fake apparently made as a Christmas present for his friends in 2007. It may sample the serene Carpenters' 'Merry Christmas Darling', but what you really get out of it is total intensity through some twisting, psychedelic, Siriusmo like synths:

Nathan Fake - Xmas Rush (Dub)

His take on 'Silent Night' is much more suitable for family consumption.. A simple, plinky melody that really expands into something deep when orchestral percussion blossoms into the tail end of the track:

Nathan Fake - Silent Night

Remember the third disc of Lindstrom & Christabelle's 'Real Life Is No Cool' album? If you don't, it featured Lindstrom's own 42 minute long interpretation of 'Little Drummer Boy'.. It certainly was an interesting journey - but in case you want to keep in snappy, here is the shortened edit:

Lindstrom - Little Drummer Boy (Edit)

Aaannd to wrap it all up, here is a fun little present from Surgeon.. His  'one last song' from Alcatraz/Aztec, Liverpool - Boxing Day 2006..
Jeff Mills - The Bells/Jingle Bells Mash

So - It seems that another year is just about done and dusted, and I just wanted to take a sec to thank all of you guys for hanging in there with us throughout another year. Much appreciated!

We are polishing off our top lists of 2012 as we speak.. We'll send them your way soon.
In the mean time, have a very Merry Christmas!

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