Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sei A, Stefani Infusino & Marshall Jefferson

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Although the weekend is nearly over, my urge to do a little dance on my sofa hasn't diminished one iota. These little ditties could help me get through to Monday rather nicely:

I'm not exactly sure how I came across Stefano Infusino's 'Flux' EP, but I have been spending some time recently appreciating it's bare-boned, thumping simplicity.
The EP's write-up on Beatport describes it as a techno DJ's 'tool' and that is certainly accurate.. It is pretty clear that it was made almost solely for the dance floor, as it's rumbling sub-bass, stark composition and heavy vibes will attest.
The track 'Black Room' is one that I rather enjoyed.. It seems a little darker and more atmospheric than the rest - reminiscent perhaps of Scuba, circa Triangulation.
If you are in the mood for rumbling sub bass, atmospheric and engaging percussion - have a listen:

Stefano Infusino - Black Room

Infusino's 'Notes Like Smoke' EP can be found here.

Englishman Sei A is one of those fellas that does a rather excellent job of working within the wide spectrum of house, techno and bass music. His releases fluctuate and vary somewhat interestingly within these markers, giving him an air of unpredictability.
'Jus Appreciate' is taken from the digital release of his 'Flux' EP from the start of last year. I didn't particularly care for the brazen 'cock out' vibe of the majority of'Flux', but EP closer 'Jus Appreciate' was an exception. It is a busy, steamily vibed number that winds it's way through several stanza's of swirling drums, warped vocals cuts, and shrill, exotic synths. All in all, a super nice, house-leaning number:

Sei A - Jus Appreciate

Grab a copy of Sei A's 'Flux' here. Martyn's remix of the title track is rather nice as well.

And finally, as a little bit of a bonus, here is a super fun remix of Marshall Jefferson and Noosa Heads' (half of which was techno legend Chris Liebing) 'Mushrooms' from '98.. It is a chugging, smoooooth little number with a great spoken word narrative.. Classic beats - highly recc'd:

Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Remix)

There have been a host of 'Mushrooms' remixes made over the years.. A fair few of them can be found here. Keep your eyes out for that Justin Martin one - it's a stomper.

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