Tuesday 19 February 2013

DJ Sprinkles, Mark Fell & Arnaldo

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Monday.. Bah. Today is apparently the start of the Finnish Winter vacation, but I somehow missed the memo.
It is very lucky indeed that I have these next two tracks to keep me occupied throughout this lonely week. *sighs*

Smallville Records have been super impressive for quite a while now, as top 15 placings in RA's past two 'Labels of the year' lists will attest. On a personal level, their brand of intelligent, relaxed deep house fits particularly snugly into my tastes - as does their production roster which features the likes of Move D, Christopher Rau, Lawrence and Bruno Pronsato.

Although I do like to keep somewhat abreast of what is going on at Smallville, one release that I missed is Arnaldo & Juniper's 2012 split 'We Met In Manchester' EP.
While this EP is a rather nice as a whole, the one clear standout for me was Arnaldo's 'A Song Name Of One Word'. It is a cracker of a tune that is literally soaked with rainy day melancholy.. Soft keys, wistful bass and fantastic vocals. I think I may have had it on repeat for around 40 minutes after I first put it on. See how you go:

Arnaldo - A Song Name Of One Word

Check out the rest of 'We Met In Manchester' EP' here. Juniper's contributions are also well worth a listen.

Legendary house producer DJ Sprinkles (aka Terre Thaemlitz) is one of Blouse's all time favourites. Having been part of the scene since the late 80's, he has built up an intimidating body of work which explores the realms of ambient, experimental and deep house whilst also dealing with issues of sexual identity and alienation. It is deep, complex, emotive stuff, but also thoroughly rewarding. His seminal '09 LP 'Midtown 120 Blues' is compulsory listening for house music aficionados.

On the recent release front, his collaboration with expermental producer Mark Fell, the 'Complete Spiral' EP was Thaemlitz's only output of last year (outside of his immense, 30 hour 'Soullessness' album).
The title track is easily my pick of the bunch.. Pleasantly hypnotic and glazed with a sultry, slow-burning vibe, this little number channels the best of down-tempo NY 90's house superbly. It is also tailor made for Mondays like today.. Or Sundays like yesterday. Or days like whenever.

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell - Complete Spiral

Check out the rest of Sprinkles and Fell's 'Complete Spiral EPhere.

As a small side note, my time in Helsinki appears to be coming to a close.. Next stop, Berlin!

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