Saturday, 20 April 2013

Superpitcher, Pulshar... Steve

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Between all this noise about Daft Punk's new single 'Get Lucky' (Is it real? Is it fake??), it is sometimes easy to forget that there is plenty of other excellent music about.
As perfectly nice as 'Get Lucky' is, I think that a suitable audible mind-number is necessary after all of it's shrill collateral.

Featured on Ada's new record 'Paws 1' is one such track.
Not to say that it is boring, but Superpitcher's lovelily beatless interpretation of 'Interlude' does a superb job at soothing jangling nerves.
Summery guitars, breezy synths and only the slightest puff of percussion - this is one to savour after a long day in front of the social medias.

Ada - Interlude (Superpitcher Remix)

Check out Ada's 'Paws 1' remix collection here. In particular, keep your eyes out for the two Koze rubs on her track 'Faith' - they are well worth a listen.

tINI's unusually spelled name has been popping up all over the place in recent months. It seems like her brand of stripped back - yet muscular & groovy
tech-house is in rather high demand at the moment so I guess it is hardly a surprise.
The remix EP of her album 'Tessa' from mid last year featured some heavy hitters, but I was impressed by Pulshar's deep, expansive take on 'Mine Has A Shower'. It has quite a cinematic vibe to it - something the restrained percussion and synths certainly help with. All in all - definitely a super nice late-night slow-jam:

tINI - Mine Has A Shower (Pulshar Remake)

Have a listen to tINI's 'Tessa Remixed' here. Three tracks of pure action with a couple of fantastic Martin Buttrich and Carl Craig remixes to accompany Pulshar's.

And finally - a spot of shameless self promotion.. (Sorry to the Blouse Facebook friends for the repeat messaging).

I have recently finished compiling the latest Blouse mixtape. It follows very much in the footsteps of last May's affair with it's exploration of instrumental house, techno and electronica but does so in a slightly colder, more direct way.

I'm hoping that this mix finds it's mark somewhere between the dancefloor and the headphones - being both clubby and restrained enough to satisfy both types of listener.
It features the likes of Deadbeat, Kuniyuki, DeepChord, Petre Inspirescu and Dan Andrei.

Have a listen! Any comments or feedback are more than welcome.


Faux Effet said...

The Pulshar remake is really smooth. Great track.

Steve said...

Smooth and deep.. Very nicely done indeed