Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Big Day In

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

photo by Jack Walshphoto: Jack Walsh

hahaha. HAHA.
i 'love' the endless Big Day Out related jokes and puns this time of year. hilarious. that being said however, it was somewhat more than a semi-large day out.
I'll keep the Big Day Out review short and sweet. Battles absolutely blew my mind- way better than i imagined. All three guitarists simultaneously played guitars and either keyboards or EQs/amps while the drummer absolutely destroyed it from the front of the stage. Rage was pretty damned awesome- despite the inevitable near-death experiences in the mosh- as were Spoon and Pnau.

i don't want to sound all sappy or anything -BUT- for me, music is most powerful (and therefore good) if it reminds me of good (or bad) times- like dancing like a fool to Axwell's "Feel the Vibe" or Jan Driver's "Ladies Want It" at Lot 33 in Canberra when i was just a wee tucker.
im sure thats obvious to everyone, but hey it was something i felt like saying. Also gives me some good segue into introducing the next songs which are by German producer Siriusmo.
on Sunday morning after a Big Night Out *chuckles*, me and Rach were introduced to this fella by some another blouse. At the time it was perfect music because it wasnt sleepy chilled and wasnt raging electro (it was somewhere inbetween yo).
So now, this Mr Siriusmo will eternally remind me of a very trashy morning indeed.

Jahcoozi - Double Barrel Name (Siriusmo Mix)

Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Mix)

Siriusmo - Wow

Haha how funny is it that Corey Worthington/Delaney got bashed hahahah.

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