Wednesday, 30 January 2008

the big gumboot has landed

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Why are there so many big things in Australia? 160 of them. Your dick isn't one of them. The big banana, the big merino, the big prawn, the big pinapple, the big avocade, the big sundial, the big gumboot, the big guitar, the big fucking everything. I think we've thoroughly asserted our authority in the domain of big things. Steve went to the Big Day Out. He's big. And very nice. The next big thing is unquestionably The Gameboys. Hugely magnanimously and overwhelmingly large with fame, fortune, bitches, caviar and champagne, palm fronds, little men in nappies feeding them grapes type huge. I'm not lieing. James and Dan told me so.

They also gave me their top 5 tracks to round out January 2008. And thus, I give you The Gameboy's Jan Top 5 Button Pushers:

1. Around the World (Kid Dub remix) - Daft Punk

2. Let's Buy Happiness - Boys Noize

3. Calling in Sick - Ninja Gaiden

4. Phantom pt.II (Boys Noize vs. Fraulein) - Justice

5. Fun Punch - Bag Raiders

Let's all have a minute of silence to mourn the passing of January 2008, followed by four minutes or aural orgasm with numero quattro from the aforementioned list. This is the biggest most angry stomping electronic song I have heard since Buy Now For Sale, it's almost bigger than the big prawn.

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