Friday, 1 February 2008

Expresh Sesh

Friday, 1 February 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

writing about dodgy sunday mornings listening to Siriusmo in darkened rooms reminded me of a fun game to play in these sorts of situations. thought i might pass some love on britney spears style.

so.... if you find yourself in a similar scattered situation this weekend, or indeed any weekend (or weekday for you crazy kids) have a crack at it. it is a big industrial/donkey kong sized barrel of laughs.

the game it is called Expression Session and basically the aim of the game is to nominate 2 facial expressions and to express them both on your face at the same time.
Usually one of these would be a standard emotional expression such as happy, sad or angry while the other would be a less emotionally specific expression such as puzzled, content or deranged.
For example, someone might get picked to express 'Happy, yet puzzled'.
im sure the game doesnt sound all that fun now in the sober state you may be in but believe me, after a big night it is the funniest shite going around.

and... to perfectly complement a morning of facial antics (or even better, a night of bootay clappin') is our old friend datA.
I know that these tracks are old but damn they're good.. i can blame gus da hoodrat for reminding me of datA after i heard him playing the minuit jacuzzi remix at daft punk.

datA - Aerius Light

datA - J'aime Pas l'Art (2007 Mix)

Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi (datA remix)

Chromeo - Needy Girl (datA remix)

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