Monday, 3 March 2008

show me the glitter

Monday, 3 March 2008

MARDI GRAS! Feathers baby, glitter, oil on the chest, tighty whitey undies, it's all too much! One night a year, I declare my undying love for the vagina and hold out hope that my life-long desire to be best friends with a cute gay couple may just be fulfilled. I freaking love Sydney's gay scene and I think this time of year is better than Christmas. Last Sunday night, I found myself at Trademark's gay night, sandwiched between hot young (super trendy) boys and sweaty shirtless 55-year old gay men. No matter how old they are, it's cool (and completely acceptable) to go out, hook up, sniff amyl and wake up on Oxford St with a sore bum. Even when you're 55. I have an incredibly crush on Rhys, the effeminate but incredibly good looking cross-dresser on So You Think You Can Dance. I think I'm obsessed. I do have one very dear friend, hello Allan!, with whom I share a love for Chanel lipgloss, partying, eyeliner, floral shirts, and french manicures. I can't get enough of him!

Here is Allan - fanfuckingtastic

Let the dream live on after Mardi Gras baby. You can't really be a cosmopolitan Sydney-ite or die a true party veteran without spending a night at Arq, Stonewall, The Columbian or chic-est of the gay-est, Slide, at the top of Oxford. This Saturday night is "Desperate Houseboy" - enough said. And nothing will shake the hetero out of you like Greater Days - so cheesy, so tacky lights, holding hands, men in angel wings dancing on bar tops.

Ayumi Hamasaki - Greater Days (Para One Remix)

And for the rest of us, content with dragonfly and picking up sexy girls and clapping our hands in front of the DJ booth - some funky, cruisey electro house to get your weekend started.

Hijack - Shimmy (Original Mix)

Much love to you and your lovers,


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