Friday, 29 February 2008

The Videodrome mk II

Friday, 29 February 2008

ok. look.

we ALL know kanye is a tool pot. but recent reports report that he is in fact a good performer. and it has been known for him to make good beats.

normally i dont feel any need to listen to his music at all but CHECK OUT HIS NEW VIDEO. DAMN GIRL. DAMN SON.

Kanye West - Good Life

They really have done some good works here. mayhaps he WILL actually win the MTV music video award this year (even if pamela wasn't in the clip).

Amazing any which ways - but i think that his name shall now officially be amended to include 'Ed Banger'.


or if the man himself doesn't enjoy that intermediate moniker then perhaps "So Me' (Ed Banger designer) would be a more fitting middle name.

KANYE 'SO ME' WEST. hmmm has a nice rrrrrrriing to it.

apologies for my use of caps- it is fri afternoon and iam somewhat excited.

before i sign off, check out this piece of motion graphic wizardry i used to enjoy in my uni days. a bit different but what the hey.

Have a nice evening and weekend chappies and chappettes- hope to see y'all at bamboozled/alive on the other side.

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