Friday, 14 March 2008

The Videodrome mk III

Friday, 14 March 2008

self serve

something that us here at blouse cant do at the moment.. weve had to remove my last fews mp3 posts as well so now there are no tracks available on here.. please excuse our ongoing problems.. they shall be fixed ASAP..

in the meantime here are some things to keep you trucking along this friday...

here is a clip that i recieved from modular via the toones of cut copy playing "Heatrs on Fire" at daft punk in Sydney... seriously sent shivers. how awesome is the part where the cymbals are smashed with the guitar?? *in numerical value= 10. i reckon the best part though is the quick clip at the end of them sitting and drinking the next day.. (or before)..

also... remember this song?? loved it in about year 9... the video was cool as well. i saw them at Big Day Out two.. or maybe three years ago now and damn i was disappointed.. it was one of their birthdays and boy were they all seriously seriously munted.. and they had giant rabbits (or some other form of cartoon animal) dancing on stage with them with giant beach balls. Admittedly Pnau did something similar recently with their BDO tour- but gerling somehow made it seem so very very tacky.
still, good song though.

for da trax goodness that we are unable to provide all y'all with at the moment, i point you to waves at night where you can download a glimpse at the new presets album called "This Boys in Love"- quality track. go there. get it. get epicced.

for all of you in canberra come along to Exposed- shall be a night of fun and festivities where i shall be joined in an attempt to master the wheels of steel by Staky (congrats on getting to the Pang finals mate!), Terrorvision, Kissoff, Da Duchess, Beat It and the one and only Aston Shuffle! yay!


if your thinking of leaving your workplace anytime soon and are going to be having a farewell party and happen to be living in sydney and work near the Rocks, then please consider having your farewell at Strike Bowling Bar - who would of thought that bowling would be a good way to say goodbye??? well. it is.

Have a great weekend hooray its friday again!!

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