Tuesday, 18 March 2008

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

One of the Rubicon DJs informed me last week that Siriusmo was his new favourite artist in the entire world. 'True story' he said. Who the fuck is Siriusmo? 'Some German dude who I reckon can play any style of music in the world - give him anything and he'll do it' he said. We then debated whether we prefer to use the harbour bridge or the harbour tunnel. I said tunnel because it's quicker. He disagreed and said bridge because it was more scenic and more opportunity to exceed the speed limit. In the case of either collapsing though, you would rather be in the tunnel because there is no impact upon falling - correct? Fuck the bridge.

Siriusmo is playing as I drive across the bridge the next day and it's pretty fucking cool. That night, I go on his MySpace and flashlights and explosions - Vor Der Teur hits me like the fucking big bad wolf, fresher than any of the boring shit I might have seen when my eyes happened to roll into place at Future Music last weekend. It's so angry, I love it. Then Last Dear - discoey, groovey, oozes cool like your mum, it's a vixen. There's stuff that puts the Ed-banger elitist crew to shame, stuff that would upstage John Travolta at the discotheque. Rubicon has converted me - the cabbage muncher is a genius.

Siriusmo - Mystery remix of Ben Mono that I bet you have not heard before

His equally sexual remix of Modeselektor - Silikon

Ooo even more Siriusmo lovin, give it to me baby.

Simiam Mobile Disco - It's the Beat (Sirisumo Remix)

Siriusmo - Wow

And I think my pick of the bunch.

Siriusmo - Unamed, no name is coming, give me a fucking second would you

More in the stockpile but tell me what you think. And Jesus Christ may your Easter be blasphemous,

R x

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