Wednesday, 19 March 2008

get excitey

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

i have had very little to keep me entertained in the super boring last week and a half at my work. i really was proud of myself for having finally gotten over facebook after many addicted months but.. no. give me a few days of nothing to do and i turn into some sort of walking facebook relapse.
so it makes sense then that just as im about to get busy again a whole heap of awesome music just drops into the front of the blouse; AKA our email. hooray ive got to try and get as much enjoyment out of these beats as i can before i get swamped.

fellow blousee and famous member of the infamous Rubicon krew- dCup - has just sent through his remix of the awesome Teenagers in Tokyo track- "Very Vampyr".
Originally this was an uber-punk banger with angsty teen vocals and crunchy rock backbone- but dCup got his hands on it and threw it through his Autobot transformer and it has come out as an uplifting, bag-raiding, everyoneputhandsintheairandsingalong dancefloor jammer. Very schmick.

Teenagers in Tokyo - Very Vampyr

Teenagers in Tokyo - Very Vampyr (dCup remix)

He also very kindly send through his autumn '08 promo - oh yeaaaaa ive got music coming out of my ears... hmm

dCup - All the Girls Get Down

if you take residence in syd-a-ney come down and see dCup and other Rubicon and Blouse chum Richard Taylor play Ritual at Candy's on sat night.. shall be ritual-tastic.

Also... i remember at some point last year finding a *SUPER-UBER* mix called Verbena Selected by Buffet Libre- with each track being specially selected by some famous dj or producer. i really liked this idea but thought that a few of the djs and producers didnt put as much effort into choosing tracks as i thought they would..

WELL ive just awesomely recieved the brand spanking new Verbena Selected mix entitled....... Verbena Selected 2. ive literally only just got this so havent listened to it all yet but the tracklist looks pretty good.. a few tracks im not the biggest fan of but hey- it is a big.. long.. mix.. after all..

Verbena Selected 2 *tracklisting in comments

also have just got the heads up on Yakushi from over in Portugal.. his sound reminds me a bit of a nu-ravier Bagraiders or a stripped back, Bloody Beetroots.. hopefully more from him soon.

ah well back to the 'book. please be safe while driving. watch for cyclists


Steve said...

- THE AVALANCHES ’Electricity’ [Selected by CUT COPY]
- JANE CHILD ’Don’t Want To Fall In Love’ [Selected by GIRL TALK]
- LE TIGRE ’Deceptacon (DFA Remix)’ [Selected by MAKE MODEL]
- MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS ’Nine Lives’ [Selected by DAMAGE]
- THE PRESETS ’My People (D.I.M. Remix)’ [Selected by RIOT IN BELGIUM]
- YELLE ’A Cause de Garcons (TEPR Remix)’ [Selected by AUTOKRATZ]
- JACKNIFE LEE ’Making Me Money (Switch Remix)’ [Selected by THE GLIMMERS]
- PACIFIC ’Runaway to Elsewhere’ [Selected by DATA]
- BLOODY BEETROOTS ’I Love The Bloody Beetroots’ [Selected by CROOKERS]
- ALTER EGO ’Why Not’ [Selected by SHY CHILD]
- DAVID RUBATO ’Circuit’ [Selected by THE REQUESTERS]
- UNDERWORLD ’Bruce Lee (Micronauts Remix)’ [Selected by BIG FACE]
- FUNK D’VOID ’Ginebra (Funk d’Voids Cocktail Mix)’ [Selected by ALAN BRAXE]
- CHROMATICS ’Mask’ [Selected by THE GOSSIP]
- SEBASTIAN ’Kinder Kut’ [Selected by DJ MEHDI]
- DEEE-LITE ’What Is Love’ [Selected by BUSY P]

A Free Man said...

Hi there - just published an interview with teenagers in tokyo on my site: I'm looking for other great new Aussie bands - any suggestions?

Steve said...

yeah there are so many good aussie bands running around here at the moment- other than the obvious Van She, Midnight Juggernauts, Presets, Cut Copy etc are The Cops, Grafton Primary, Red Riders, Bridezilla, Expatriate and Ghostwood.. i know theres about a million im forgetting but will get back if i think of any others.